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Turnitin is a recognized innovator in the global education space, and we look forward to welcoming you to our company. Turnitin has been partnering with educational institutions for more than 20 years to promote honesty, consistency, and fairness across all subject areas and assessments. Turnitin has been partnering with educational institutions for more than 20 years to promote honesty, consistency, and fairness across all subject areas and assessments.

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We have offices in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, USA Remote Jobs, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. Each of us shares a desire to make a difference in education with our diverse group of colleagues. Join us, and let’s change education together.

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Job Postings At USA 2022

1. UX Designer

Qualification and Experience

  1. A minimum of 2+ years of experience designing for the web or mobile platforms
  2. You care deeply about getting feedback from users and incorporating it into your work
  3. Communicate your decisions, process, and tradeoffs clearly in both written and oral form
  4. Possess the ability to spot small decisions that make a significant difference
  5. Capable of managing multiple projects at one time
  6. Actively collaborate with others to address gaps in the user experience or internal processes

2. Exam Soft – Senior Product Manager

Qualification and Experience

  1. Knowledge of Jira/Confluence for managing product roadmaps
  2. Experience leading UX and tech teams in collaborative design sessions
  3. Presenting and training internally and externally
  4. An experience of 5-10 years as a Data Analyst, Product Owner, or Product Manager
  5. Working knowledge of Software as a Service USA Remote Jobs

3. Partner in Human Resources

Qualification and Experience

  • Well-seasoned: BS/BA degree and minimum 5 years of Human Resource / Human Capital experience gained within a fast-paced, performance-driven environment are preferred.
  • Easily self-starts: Detail-oriented, independent, and organized, you are passionate about what you do. The ability to build relationships within your team and across teams is one of your strongest assets.
  • Authenticity: You are familiar with how to handle confidential and sensitive information.
  • Agileness: Multitasking is your forte, ensuring that all needs are met independently and prioritize tasks accordingly. Despite the workload, you remain calm.
  • Highly skilled: You are a true strategist with exceptional verbal and written communication skills and represent us with distinction in all that you do.


GOVT Jobs Turnitin 2022 Details

Jobs in USA 2022: The company wants to expand and grow the Gradescope platform with the help of a designer. You will play an important role not only in shaping Gradescope itself but also in the development of the team’s strategy and roadmap. Cross-functional collaboration with Engineering, Growth, Product Writing, Research, and more! Users typically start and end projects with us, so you’ll also learn from instructors, students, and admins throughout. Your unique perspective combined with all these perspectives will bring about a product that seems to take on a life of its own.

Gradescope teams are collaborative groups founded with the goal of improving assessment in higher education. User satisfaction is very important to us and we work proactively to keep them happy. We iterate frequently and wear multiple hats, striving to provide new value to our users. Our goal is to build intuitive, high-quality solutions that enhance the shared experience of students, instructors, and administrators.

USA Remote Jobs:¬†Students can grade everything in a single place, including paper-based exams, online homework, and programming projects, with Gradescope’s online assessment platform. Our automated answer grouping and AI-assisted auto graders make grading easier and faster. As of October 2018, Gradescope was acquired by Turnitin via an acquisition from UC-Berkeley. Hundreds of leading colleges and universities use Gradescope to grade over 1 million students’ papers each year.

During this course, you’ll do the following USA Remote Jobs

  • Build great user experiences by collaborating closely with engineering
  • Partner and learn from other Turnitin designers, researchers, and faculty
  • Engage in the definition and scope of new features for Gradescope
  • Prepare design flows, prototypes, sketches, documents, and high-fidelity visuals to assist engineers in communication
  • Receive and provide feedback to other designers and teammates to improve the work of your team
  • At the end of the day, you’ll be focused on what you do best and will have many opportunities to grow in new directions