Michael Dell On ‘Embracing Developers’ And Multi-Cloud Future

CEO Michael Dell emphasised the company’s focus on multi-cloud, developer-friendly strategy, and commitment to assisting Ukraine during his keynote address at Dell Technologies World 2022. He emphasised that with a valuation of $101 billion, Dell Technologies is positioned to benefit from the expanding multi-cloud trend and to enable developers by making its solutions API-driven and developer-ready. He also emphasised the company’s dedication to helping Ukraine and its efforts to foster the development and growth of its IT sector.

Michael Dell Delivers Keynote At Dell Technologies World 2022

Michael Dell, the CEO and creator of Dell Technologies, gave the keynote presentation at Dell Technologies World 2022 in front of a large audience, highlighting the company’s multi-cloud strategy, developer-friendly approach, and dedication to helping Ukraine. Dell noted during his keynote address that “individually, you are a force and we are so grateful to be succeeding alongside all of you.” “At Dell Technologies, we’re matching your enormous possibilities with our ecosystem, our advantages, our investments, and our innovation. We’ve already found solutions to the issues that might get in your way. This connection is a potent force in generating value for all of our stakeholders, including our communities and customers.

A growing trend in the IT industry, multi-cloud, was highlighted by Dell as well as the company’s dedication to it. Dell also emphasised its efforts to make its solutions more developer-friendly by making them API-driven and developer-ready. He also spoke about Dell’s assistance to Ukraine and its initiatives to foster the expansion and development of the nation’s IT sector.

During the first day of Dell Technologies World 2022, the Round Rock, Texas-based PC and infrastructure company also introduced a number of new services, including new solutions with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as well as its new cybersecurity Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services. With these new products, Dell is demonstrating its dedication to giving customers the support and resources they require to succeed in the quickly changing IT industry.

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