Michael Dell: “Enormous Role” For Partners In Shaping Multi-Cloud World

Michael Dell, CEO and founder of Dell, stated that channel partners “play a vital role in our ecosystem, with over half of our orders coming through them last year.” “We fully commit to assisting their development.”

As Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell Technologies, stated that multi-cloud had decisively won the war over where to put workloads, he also emphasised the crucial function that partners will play in determining the direction of the sector. He said, “They are an incredible part of our ecosystem,” in a talk at Dell Technologies World 2022. Last year, channel partners handled more than half of our orders. Therefore, we are all on board to support that progress.

Dell Technologies is dedicated to fostering the growth of its partners by giving them the resources and tools they require to succeed. This comprises a bold plan for enhancing its products’ features, aptitudes, and capabilities, allowing partners to assist clients in entering high-value markets and taking care of their most pressing company requirements. The Apex as-a-service portfolio and integrations with the public cloud are a couple of the ways Dell Technologies assists partners in moving customers into these high-value markets.

Dell Technologies places a lot of emphasis on assisting partners in taking clients above the value line. In other words, the organisation is striving to assist partners in directing their clients away from commodity-based, low-value infrastructure and towards high-value, rapidly expanding areas. This involves enabling clients to buy infrastructure on a consumption basis, as a service, and in a completely automated manner. By doing this, Dell Technologies aids partners in releasing their resources so they can concentrate on more crucial business requirements.

The emphasis on security that Dell Technologies has placed on its partner strategy is another important factor. The need for strong security measures is greater than ever as more businesses move their apps to the cloud. Dell Technologies is working to make sure that its infrastructure is secure by design and that it can offer partners the resources and tools they require to safeguard the apps and data of their clients. This entails collaborating closely with businesses like VMware and Tanzu to guarantee that security is built into the development process from the beginning and that users can implement security measures quickly and simply as needed.

Finally, Dell Technologies is committed to offering partners the help and tools they require to succeed. In addition to giving partners access to a network of partners who can exchange knowledge and experience, this entails offering partners documents, tutorials, and other tools to help them learn about the company’s goods and services. Along with this, Dell Technologies is dedicated to giving partners access to cutting-edge tools like OpenShift, Tanzu, and Kubernetes, which are crucial for developing and delivering contemporary applications.

In conclusion, Dell Technologies is actively assisting its partners’ progress by giving them the tools and resources they require for success. The business also prioritises security and giving partners the help and tools they need to succeed. By doing this, Dell Technologies is putting itself in the best possible position to benefit from the fast changing IT landscape and to assist its partners in assisting their clients in developing, delivering, managing, and running their applications across private, public, and edge locations.