Dell’s Rola Dagher: Security ‘At The Heart Of Everything We Do’

The chief global channel officer for Dell, Rola Dagher, emphasises the significance of confidence in technology and how security is crucial to establishing it. As a technology corporation, she claims, “Trust is essential to every breakthrough we have. Because security begins and ends with trust, it is essential for us to provide it to our partners and customers, according to Rola Dagher.

Dell’s Global Channel Chief On Security Push And Channel Partner Vision

This year’s Dell Technologies World 2022, the company’s annual conference, placed a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. Dell unveiled a number of new security products and services to assist prevent ransomware attacks and make it easier to recover from breaches. Typically, the event is focused on servers, storage, and hyperconverged infrastructure. Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure and Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services are two of the business’s newest products.

This focus on security is a result of channel partners’ feedback, who have been instrumental in supplying feedback on the solutions they wish to develop around Dell’s offerings. “From a channel perspective, the solutions we’re putting out there in security is at the heart of everything we do,” said Rola Dagher, Dell’s global channel chief, in an interview with CRN. Security must be the cornerstone of everything when discussing technology, including multi-cloud and any other products you develop as a partner or customer. It would be like building a great, enormous house and leaving the door unlocked. Therefore, you need absolutely make sure that security is at the forefront of the discussion. Everything that [partners are] constructing must have security as its cornerstone.

This emphasis on security is motivated by both the growing demand for cybersecurity in the current digital environment as well as the accomplishments of Dell’s channel partners in this field. In the fiscal year 2022, client systems and servers saw enormous sales growth, which helped Dell’s global channel partner business rise by 27 percent. The PC and infrastructure behemoth, based in Round Rock, Texas, produced record-breaking sales of $101 billion, up 17% yearly.

The event’s announcement of Dell’s new product integration and go-to-market relationship with Snowflake was one of its major highlights. Customers will be able to simply and effortlessly integrate Dell storage solutions with Snowflake’s cloud data platform thanks to this agreement, which integrates Snowflake’s cloud data technology with Dell storage systems. This collaboration is a shining illustration of Dell’s dedication to giving its clients the best and most cutting-edge products available.

The introduction of Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services was another significant news. With a wide range of services, this new offering assists customers in recovering from cyberattacks and returning to their businesses as soon as possible. For companies trying to defend their data and operations from cyber threats, this new solution is a game-changer.

During his keynote address, Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell also emphasised the company’s commitment to Ukraine, its focus on the future of development, and its vision for multi-cloud. He emphasised that the organisation has a market cap of $101 billion and is dedicated to offering its clients the best solutions to suit their business requirements.

With a focus on cybersecurity and cutting-edge technologies that would aid customers in protecting their businesses from cyber attacks, Dell Technologies World 2022 was a great success. The business’s recent alliances and releases are a shining example of Dell’s dedication to giving its clients the best and most cutting-edge items available. Dell is pushing its partners more than ever to market and sell its expanding security portfolio due to a growing emphasis on security and a record-breaking sales year.