Dell Technologies World 2022: 5 Biggest News Announcements

A number of new products and announcements were made at Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas, including the debut of Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services and new ransomware capabilities with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The top five news and product announcements made on Monday at the event are listed here.

AWS, Apex, Azure And Snowflake News From Dell Technologies World 2022

This week, thousands of customers, investors, and channel partners will attend Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas, the company’s largest in-person event in years. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, which caused the firm to organise the event virtually in 2020, this is the company’s first significant in-person meeting. This year’s physical event gives the business a wonderful chance to highlight its most recent products and alliances as well as its future goals.

During the first day of Dell Technologies World 2022, the company unveiled several new offerings and partnerships, including a new cybersecurity Apex-as-a-Service offering and collaborations with major cloud players such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake.

The launch of new cloud experiences, which will aid clients in better managing and safeguarding applications across data centres and multi-cloud settings, was one of the main announcements. Additionally, the business introduced new ransomware services that would aid clients in protecting their data from online attacks. The business also disclosed increased SaaS ecosystem and as-a-service products, which will aid clients in improving the management of their IT infrastructure.

Dell Technologies is coming off a record-breaking fiscal year 2022, with revenue exceeding $100 billion for the first time in the company’s history. The company generated $101.2 billion in total revenue for fiscal year 2022, which ended on January 28, 2022, representing a revenue increase of 17 percent year over year. This financial success is a testament to the company’s

Along with notable guests including actor Matthew McConaughey and astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, the event’s keynote speakers featured CEO Michael Dell and Vice Chairman and Co-COO Jeff Clarke. These presenters gave insightful explanations of the company’s future goals as well as the difficulties and chances that the sector would encounter in the ensuing years.

Finally, it should be noted that Dell Technologies World 2022 is an important occasion for the