Caminho Traçado – Uma babá na fazenda By Célia Oliveira

Caminho Traçado – Uma babá na fazenda By Célia Oliveira” Novel is a subgenre of romance fiction that features a romantic relationship between the main characters, Célia Oliveira one of whom is a chief executive officer (Célia Oliveira) or high-ranking corporate executive. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

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Aurora era uma garota cheia de sonhos, que começaram a ser destruídos após a morte de seu pai.Tudo que ela queria era dar uma vida melhor para a mãe, mas tudo mudou, quando sua mãe conhece um homem e se casa novamente, se transformando praticamente em outra mulher, Aurora que era filha amada, ficou detestada pela mãe, que tinha ciúmes do marido com a filha, as coisas só pioram quando ela tem que fugir de casa para não ser violentada pelo padrasto, e na procura por um lugar para morar, acaba encontrando um homem misterioso numa ponte…

Caminho Traçado - Uma babá na fazenda By Célia Oliveira

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. What time did Aurora’s mother arrive home, and why was she upset?
    • Aurora’s mother arrived home after six o’clock, and she was upset, possibly due to something Sandro had done or said.
  2. How does Aurora contribute to her household?
    • Aurora takes care of her younger sister, Alice, so her mother and her boyfriend, Sandro, can work outside the home. She also makes hair bows to earn some money.
  3. Why does Aurora hide her earnings from making hair bows?
    • Aurora hides her earnings because she plans to use the money to leave home when she turns eighteen and doesn’t want her family to take it from her.
  4. Why hasn’t Aurora been able to pursue her dream of attending college?
    • Aurora’s mother didn’t allow her to attend college because she believes Aurora should take care of Alice instead of pursuing higher education.
  5. What is the nature of Aurora’s relationship with her friend Isadora?
    • Aurora and Isadora are best friends who met in elementary school. They had plans to attend college together, but Isadora is now leaving for another state to study medicine.
  6. What is Aurora’s ultimate goal when she turns eighteen?
    • Aurora’s goal when she turns eighteen is to leave her current home and start a new life in a different city, far away from her family’s toxic environment.
  7. Why does Aurora’s mother’s attitude toward her change after she started dating Sandro?
    • Aurora’s mother’s attitude changed because she became infatuated with Sandro and allowed her jealousy and possessiveness to affect her relationship with Aurora.
  8. How does Aurora plan to support herself when she leaves home?
    • Aurora plans to support herself by finding a job, renting a small apartment, and eventually pursuing a college education to achieve her dreams.
  9. What does Aurora think about her two months left in her current situation?
    • Aurora sees these two months as a short period in comparison to the difficult years she has endured and is determined to leave her current situation behind.
  10. Why does Aurora want to move to a distant city?
    • Aurora wants to move to a distant city because she believes that anywhere else would be better than her current situation at home, and she is determined to start fresh and pursue her dreams away from her family’s toxic environment.


Aurora’s story is one of resilience and determination in the face of a challenging family situation. Despite her difficult circumstances, she is determined to break free, pursue her dreams, and build a better life for herself. Her unwavering spirit serves as a testament to the power of hope and ambition.


Caminho Traçado - Uma babá na fazenda By Célia Oliveira